"I gave my heart to rock and roll..."

BROKECHELLA 2014 This Saturday!

We all know about Coachella, and if you follow social media, that's all that's flooding the feeds. But what if i told you about another…
samigirlb Apr 15, 2014

Fever The Ghost, You Need To Know This Band

I'd like to introduce you guys to a talented group of musicians who deserve more than just a listen... Buzznet, meet Fever The Ghost..This L.A…
samigirlb Feb 02, 2014
Knee High Fox The Viper Room Tonight! Come On Down!!pic

Knee High Fox @ The Viper Room Tonight! Come On Down!!

Tonight marks the last night of Knee High Fox's June residency at the Sunset Strip's Viper Room..and in case you didn't know, that means it's…
samigirlb Jun 26, 2013
Future Villains Devil In Her Bonesvid

Future Villains "Devil In Her Bones"

I'll be posting a few more shots from Friday night, but in the meantime, check out the video that brought us all down to the…
samigirlb May 29, 2013
Future Villains Video Release The Viper Roompic

Future Villains Video Release @ The Viper Room

It was back to The Viper Room Friday night to see one of my favorite bands perform and debut the new video for their song…
samigirlb May 28, 2013
Nick Woods of The ShakersThe Maui Sugar Mill Saloonpic

Nick Woods of The Shakers@The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

Another shot from the first night of The Shakers residency at the Maui Sugar Mill Saloon(second Saturday of every month), this time featuring drummer Nick…
samigirlb Feb 04, 2013
The Shakers The Maui Sugar Mill Saloonpic

The Shakers @ The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

Rarely do bands that i know or want to see play in the valley...So hearing The Shakers had signed on to play every second Saturday…
samigirlb Jan 30, 2013
Love and a .38 The Roxypic

Love and a .38 @ The Roxy

This kick-ass rock band was one of the other bands playing at that Roxy show in November...They had a great stage presence and I had…
samigirlb Jan 22, 2013

LaLa Land Rocknroll Photography

Sorry It's been a little while since my last post. As my first post back, i thought i'd show you guys my official photography Facebook…
samigirlb Jan 21, 2013
More Vayden The Roxypic

More Vayden @ The Roxy

Guitarist Armin Peterson shredded like nobody's business @ The Roxy...Although, with those long locks, getting a shot of his face wasn't so easy...
samigirlb Nov 29, 2012
Vayden The Roxypic

Vayden @ The Roxy

In addition to Warner Drive, one of the other awesome bands i shot at The Roxy was Vayden. Here lead singer Curtis Casey catches me…
samigirlb Nov 24, 2012
More Warner Drive The Roxypic

More Warner Drive @ The Roxy

Jonny helps out bandmate Candice(who rocked it even though she was losing her voice) at The Roxy November 10th...
samigirlb Nov 19, 2012
Give It Up For The Kingpic

Give It Up For "The King"

Warner Drive's Ronnie Elvis James gives some rock and roll attitude on the bass at The Roxy last Saturday night...
samigirlb Nov 17, 2012
Jonny U Keeps The Beatpic

Jonny U Keeps The Beat

Jonny Udell of Warner Drive on the drums Saturday night at The Roxy on Sunset...
samigirlb Nov 16, 2012
Jonny Law Owning The Stagepic

Jonny Law Owning The Stage

This time we have Mr. Jonathan Jonah of Warner Drive taking over the stage Saturday night at The Roxy theater on Sunset...
samigirlb Nov 15, 2012
Rockin' Ladypic

Rockin' Lady

Here's one of my favorite shots of Saturday night. Just to mix it up, I took a few shots in b&w. Even though you can't…
samigirlb Nov 13, 2012
Warner Drive The Roxy 11-10-12pic

Warner Drive @ The Roxy 11-10-12

I went a bit crazy and ended up taking so many photos, that i'm still sorting through them all...This is just a taste of the…
samigirlb Nov 11, 2012
Connie Lim And Noah Needleman The Weekly Cometpic

Connie Lim And Noah Needleman @ The Weekly Comet

On the same day we had Wayne Kramer, The Weekly Comet also welcomed two talented singer-songwriters, Connie Lim and Noah Needleman. The two have teamed…
samigirlb Nov 06, 2012
Former MC5 Rocker Wayne Kramer The Weekly Cometpic

Former MC5 Rocker Wayne Kramer @ The Weekly Comet

We at The Weekly Comet had some amazing guests last night. One of whom was the great Wayne Kramer, former member of legendary hard rock…
samigirlb Nov 02, 2012
Inside Horror's Pre-Halloween Season Finale!pic

Inside Horror's Pre-Halloween Season Finale!

Last night was fun,but also a bit sad. Inside Horror, the amazing weekly web show i've been shooting for had it's season finale. They'll hopefully…
samigirlb Oct 31, 2012
Another Great Night The Weekly Cometpic

Another Great Night @ The Weekly Comet

Last night we had a great young band perform,Canto, and i'll be posting a shot or two of them next. Right now though I thought…
samigirlb Oct 26, 2012
I'm A Shaker And I'm Oh So Loud!pic

"I'm A Shaker And I'm Oh So Loud!"

A shot of Harry Ostrem(former member of rock band "The Shrill") on bass at The Shakers show Saturday at the Viper Room..
samigirlb Oct 24, 2012
The Shakers Set My Sights Single Release The Viper Roompic

The Shakers "Set My Sights" Single Release @ The Viper Room

Last night was amazing. Not really any way i can put it better..The Shakers came onstage and had everybody dancing,singing,and in the best mood. Having…
samigirlb Oct 21, 2012

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samigirlb Oct 19, 2012
More Uncle Daddypic

More Uncle Daddy

Another shot from Uncle Daddy's appearance on The Weekly Comet(
samigirlb Oct 17, 2012

Samigirlb's Photo Stream

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samigirlb Oct 16, 2012
The Shakers Post Lyric Video For New Single!vid

The Shakers Post Lyric Video For New Single!

This week, L.A. rock band The Shakers posted a lyric video for their new single, "Set My Sights." The video includes some very cool vintage…
samigirlb Oct 12, 2012
Blue-Eyed Boy...pic

Blue-Eyed Boy...

The one thing that really catches the eye about this sticker are the eyes...They're the only spot of color on it, and probably the first…
samigirlb Oct 10, 2012
Three Finger Death Punchpic

Three Finger Death Punch

I wasn't sure what to title this, so i just threw something out there...Another piece of street art I've seen in the Laurel Canyon/Crescent Heights…
samigirlb Oct 07, 2012
A Real L.A. OG...pic

A Real L.A. OG...

This one is awesome...Saw it by Swingers in L.A...I just find it funny. And i love how It's got Hugh Hefner(creator or Playboy)reading a Hustler…
samigirlb Oct 04, 2012
Words To Live By...?pic

Words To Live By...?

When I first saw this I was curious,but thought of it as just another piece of stencil/graffiti art. Upon further investigation(thank you Google :P), I…
samigirlb Oct 03, 2012
Beauty In The Canyon...pic

Beauty In The Canyon...

I love rock'n roll...In fact I honestly think I'm in love with it...And I can never get enough of street art. Sometimes though, the most…
samigirlb Sep 30, 2012
Guess I Can't Park Here...pic

Guess I Can't Park Here...

This is a whole new kind of reserved parking. It's also pretty funny and clever seeing as how this was tagged on the red where…
samigirlb Sep 29, 2012
And There You Have It...pic

And There You Have It...

I keep saying it, and i've believed it since i was little...but here is another piece of evidence that proves it. Laurel Canyon is magic…
samigirlb Sep 27, 2012
Tramp Stamps In L.A.?pic

Tramp Stamps In L.A.?

Saw so many of these on Friday,and i'll admit, i'm curious. They're nothing special, just these simple pieces of paper with random words, but you…
samigirlb Sep 26, 2012
J'Adore Paris..pic

J'Adore Paris..

After waiting what felt like forever to get out of the parking lot after the Endeavor flyover, I was free! And since i was lucky…
samigirlb Sep 23, 2012

Endeavor Flyover @ Griffith Observatory

So due to my misreading the work schedule(and my manager just being very nice)i got out of working today and spent pretty much the whole…
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samigirlb Sep 22, 2012
Behind This Door....pic

Behind This Door....

Well, i'm not sure really...most likely the lobby of The Redbury, this beautiful, bright red apartment building on Vine. But really that dosen't matter...It's the…
samigirlb Sep 21, 2012


Haha, I had a Fonz sighting yesterday in Hwood...Well, his likeness on a sticker at least, but still cool. Sad to say i never watched…
samigirlb Sep 19, 2012
Now For Something DIfferent...And A Bit Sticky...pic

Now For Something DIfferent...And A Bit Sticky...

First of all, i'd forgotten how fun/different it is taking the subway to Hollyweird rather than driving...Don't get me wrong, i missed my car a…
samigirlb Sep 18, 2012
This One's Got Teethpic

This One's Got Teeth

Another find from my wanderings...Exploring, it does a shutterbug good :) This one's a little worse for wear, but still worth a shot...And looking through…
samigirlb Sep 17, 2012
Somethings Remain...pic

Somethings Remain...

Over the past few years or so, parts of Hollywood(Hollywood & Highland for example)have been given facelifts..People want it to be more appealing for tourists…
samigirlb Sep 15, 2012

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samigirlb Sep 13, 2012
Any Excuse To Go To Hollywood...pic

Any Excuse To Go To Hollywood...

You know me, i'm shamelessa about it...but this time i had a good reason! As i told everybody in a previous post, i had to…
samigirlb Sep 12, 2012
To See Their Name In Lights: Jacaranda Redpic

To See Their Name In Lights: Jacaranda Red

I've driven to hollywood so many times the past 3 or 4 days i might as well live there(a girl can dream :P)...Saturday night i…
samigirlb Sep 10, 2012
Chris Crocker Says...?pic

Chris Crocker Says...?

I know there's been a lot of commotion lately about Chick-fil-A namely it's president's opinions on gay marriage...There have been angry posts,protests,and no shortage of…
samigirlb Sep 09, 2012
Drawn To The Glowpic

Drawn To The Glow

One thing i can't resist photographing,no matter how common it might be, is neon...Neon signs, the glow, they just asked to be photographed...It's like how…
samigirlb Sep 08, 2012
Don't Look A Stone Horse...pic

Don't Look A Stone Horse...

haha, ok, so that didn't transition as well as i was thinking. But I was lucky enough to get a gig taking photos for a…
samigirlb Sep 06, 2012
Strolling On Sunset...pic

Strolling On Sunset...

Passing by Mission Cantina, the gates/metalwork caught my eye right away...I haven't been inside yet, but the outside definitely has me curious...You almost want to…
samigirlb Sep 04, 2012
So This Must Be....pic

So This Must Be....

what people see when they look at shutterbugs like me..At least that's how i felt when i saw this...makes sense, since I usually have a…
samigirlb Sep 02, 2012
Smile, You're On Candid Camera..pic

Smile, You're On Candid Camera..

Has anyone else been noticing all the cool pieces of street art, not just posters and large scale,but also the stuff being done on shipping…
samigirlb Sep 01, 2012
Why Don't You...pic

Why Don't You...

Something i've been seeing around town lately in terms of street art are these random,inspirational messages that just make you smile when ya see 'em...There…
samigirlb Aug 31, 2012
A Showing of Solidarity For Jailed Pussy Riotpic

A Showing of Solidarity For Jailed "Pussy Riot"

You may have been hearing recently about Pussy Riot, the russian female rockers who were recently sentenced to 2 years in prison for a "punk…
samigirlb Aug 30, 2012


Had to venture into Hollywood today to deliver one of my lenses to the nice folks at Canon for repairs... And it was such a…
samigirlb Aug 29, 2012

You Should Know: Gangi

As a music lover, where a band hails from really has no effect on my love for their work...All the same i have to say…
samigirlb Aug 27, 2012
The Colonel Got a Facelift?pic

The Colonel Got a Facelift?

Saw this driving down Sunset today, so i snapped a pic...Don't worry, i was stopped at a red :)  I tried to find more info…
samigirlb Aug 25, 2012

Listen To This: "Blood and Guts" By Middle Brother

Out of nowhere today, after not listening to it in months, this song popped into my head and i had to hear it again...Multiple times..."Blood…
samigirlb Aug 23, 2012

You Should Know: Occult Wisdom

If you've never heard of Occult Wisdom before, that's not too strange, considering the Los Angeles based rockers just played their very first show last…
samigirlb Aug 22, 2012
One Upside To A Cancelled Flightpic

One Upside To A Cancelled Flight

Because of storms, we were forced to stay in Charlotte,NC for the night and fly out Saturday morning... And so instead of catching our connecting…
samigirlb Aug 20, 2012

Southern Summer

As you guys may have noticed(haha, maybe), i've been pretty much silent the past 2 weeks...This is because i've been in good 'ol Shelby, NC…
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samigirlb Aug 19, 2012
Death the Salesmanpic

Death the Salesman

A tad faded, but you get the idea...street art, stickers, old/new, i love 'em all...still..would you buy a rolex from the grim reaper? 
samigirlb Aug 18, 2012
samigirlb Aug 18, 2012
Come Again?...pic

Come Again?...

I showed you one of my favorite places earlier, prime for people watching in Hollywood....Laurel Canyon is another one of my favorite places/streets on earth...The…
samigirlb Aug 06, 2012
A Touch Of Evil, Dash Of Cute....pic

A Touch Of Evil, Dash Of Cute....

This sticker is so very adorable, and i could see it being put on everything: shirts,bags,etc. The artist who created it, DeadLinDy, actually has a…
samigirlb Aug 05, 2012
Out With The Old...pic

Out With The Old...

I hope the people who put up these stickers never stop...This one made me laugh when i saw it,and i love knowing there are even…
samigirlb Aug 04, 2012

Shiny Toy Guns To Release First New Album SInce Return of Carah Faye!

The Shiny Toy Guns are one of my favorite bands and i remember being confused and quite frankly a bit miffed when i heard frontwoman…
samigirlb Aug 03, 2012
Heaven On a Plate...pic

Heaven On a Plate...

What's one thing we girls crave when we're suffering from a bruised heart? Delicious,so bad for you-yet so right sugary goodness :D and that is…
samigirlb Aug 02, 2012

Samigirlb's Photo Stream

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samigirlb Aug 01, 2012
World Famous Oki-Dog!pic

World Famous Oki-Dog!

This is one of those places that you hear about, and maybe intend on going to,but never end up actually paying a visit...I keep hearing…
samigirlb Jul 24, 2012
Foxy Thing....pic

Foxy Thing....

Or coyote...not too sure...All i know is it's beautiful,and i love it :) I wish i knew who created it,and if any of you have…
samigirlb Jul 20, 2012
Don't Do It!pic

Don't Do It!

Every now and then i see street art that i really do love...It's more than just tagging, or writing a name(although i do consider that…
samigirlb Jul 19, 2012
Lady Sinatra The Viper Room 71312pic

Lady Sinatra @ The Viper Room 7/13/12

I went to see Warner Drive,but thankfully i was early, because i got to experience the awesome rock of locals Lady Sinatra...Even though you can't…
samigirlb Jul 18, 2012
Some Hollywood Characterpic

Some Hollywood Character

You can see all sorts of things on any given day in Hollywood...Case in point this gentleman here.... interesting headpiece, don't you think? :P 
samigirlb Jul 16, 2012
One Night At The Viper Room...pic

One Night At The Viper Room...

7/13/12: Their last LA show before they embark on a european tour, Warner Drive rocked the roof at the Sunset Strip's Viper Room....
samigirlb Jul 15, 2012

Take A Look At These Stills From 'Oz: The Great And Powerful'

We've seen the trailer and most of us here at Buzznet are psyched (or at least I am!) - so to sweeten it, here are some stills…
12 new pics
samigirlb Jul 13, 2012

Check out James Franco as 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' in Brand New Trailer!

As a kid one of my favorite things to do was sit in a corner at home and play with my Wizard of Oz figurines....still…
samigirlb Jul 13, 2012 Originally by pishelle
And If You'll Look To Your Right...pic

And If You'll Look To Your Right...

As we continue along the historic Hollywood Blvd, we have the house that crazy built....but aside from the scientology building, i love the view,and there's…
samigirlb Jul 13, 2012
One Of My Favorite Placespic

One Of My Favorite Places

I swear i could stay up here forever....This is one of my favorite places on earth,and an awesome people watching spot...It's actually pretty relaxing being…
samigirlb Jul 12, 2012
Summertime in Hollywoodpic

Summertime in Hollywood

This is one way we Angelenos beat the heat...If i didn't have my camera, i'd be running through it with everybody else ;)
samigirlb Jul 11, 2012
Order Up!pic

Order Up!

Sad to say as many times as i've been to Hollywood(and as long as i've lived in L.A., I've only been to Mel's Drive-In once....It's…
samigirlb Jul 09, 2012
Muchacha Malopic

Muchacha Malo

I met up with my mom for lunch today and on the way back to my car, took this while crossing the street...
samigirlb Jul 06, 2012
Just A Little Splash of Color....pic

Just A Little Splash of Color....

You never know what you'll see around any corner of my beloved hometown...Heading to a show, i was lucky enough to park next to this…
samigirlb Jul 03, 2012

New Stills From 'The Host'

The movie adaptation of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's 2008 sci-fi adventure/romance won't be out until 2013, but here are some images to hold you over til then!
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samigirlb Jul 03, 2012
Making Beautiful Musicpic

Making Beautiful Music

One of my experiment shots from The Northstar Session's show 6/28/12 at The Foundry...wanted to try and focus more on the instruments and the hands…
samigirlb Jul 02, 2012

The Northstar Session @ The Foundry 6/28/2012

Thursday night The Northstar Session, back from tour, played 2 set show at the Foundry in Los Angeles... This threesome (made up of Matt Szlachetka-guitar and…
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samigirlb Jun 30, 2012

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorce!

It was announced today that after 6 years of marriage (and a daughter Suri), Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are ending their relationship. Apparently Katie…
samigirlb Jun 29, 2012
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